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Lost Cat -Black Domestic Long Haired

Kyla Gwyn
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My cat is lost (since last night around 9pm, around the location 325 South Point Blvd, Springs At McDonough, behind South Point shopping center) and I haven't found her yet.  

Description: Female, all black fur, yellow eyed, domestic long haired cat. She has a dark blue collar, a heart shaped tag with her name Khaleesi Gwyn & number (478-321-2057). She is 4 years old and around 9 pounds and has a very long tail.
I have pictures of Khaleesi attached. Please let me know if someone turns her in or if you see her.  Please let me know if you need additional information. Please help me find my love. Thank you.

Kyla Gwyn

Contact person: Kyla Gwyn
Contact number: (478) 321-2057
Contact email: kylagwyn@gmail.com
Address: 325 S. Point Blvd

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