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In Memory Of

Ace showed up a little over a year ago sick and severely emaciated. We got him neutered, doctored up and he at least lived a somewhat better life even though it was on the streets. He grew stronger and had a family and loved to play. He was so sweet and loving. He did not belong on the streets. He was either dumped or was lost from his home. I had high hopes to find him a forever home one day. I found him on my way to work dead on the sidewalk across the street from his colony. I am saddened to know I cannot do more for these animals on the streets right now. One day Street Paws will have a shelter and kitties like Ace will have a safe sanctuary. RIP Ace, I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and you will cross with me.

Captain Jack was such a sweet soul living on the streets. I thought he was truly feral and one day he opened up to me to show me he was just scared. I had hopes to get him off the street one day but found him dead in the woods. He was killed by some type of predator. I will meet you at the bridge Jack.

Mommy had lived her entire life on the streets and was apx 8 years old. She was a sweet but scared kitty. After a year of avoiding me she honored me and let me pet her a week before her death. She was killed at the same time as Captain Jack likely by the same predator.

Emmy was the beloved pet of Marisa Moolick and she has recently crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Marisa our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Eve was found in a sewer drain by a concerned citizen. We tried to save her but she was just too sick from Toxoplasmosis.

RIP Oskar, you stole my heart, you will be greatly missed

Chevy was found tied to a tree in a volunteers yard. He was very sick and rushed to the vet but lost his life to parvo.

Cookie’s start in life was one we unfortunately hear all too often. She was a Christmas gift (wrapped in a box and all!) to a young girl and after six month, her novelty had worn off. She was 4 months old with a huge bladder stone and thankfully Leslie’s parents agreed to take her. As they say, the rest is history. She was a Daddy’s girl in every sense and utterly spoiled! She loved to travel and had seen more of the country than most adults! She suffered somewhat poor health for the majority of her life but Leslie’s parents always did everything in their power to make her better. On a cross country trip two years ago she went she went into Acute Renal Failure. Her parents rushed back home and everyone was sure her time had come to an end. Her parents went to the vet and sat with and held her for four days while she was having treatment. She miraculously recovered and the doctor was convinced it was her family’s love that gave her the will to live. Recently she began feeling poorly again. This time their was nothing her parent could do to make her better. She was 16.5 years old and was surrounded by her Mom, Dad, sister and older brother as she peacefully crossed the bridge. She was a petite 11 lbs but she had the presence of a lion and she’s left a huge hole in their hearts.

Philip and Leslie adopted Biscuit two years ago from a young lady who clearly didn’t know much about taking care of guinea pigs. She was about six month old at the time and was being fed only hay! She was extremely underweight but they soon remedied that by putting her on a good, healthy diet. She was a fun, silly girl who never failed to crack them up with her purring and wheeks (she could hear a bag open half way across the house). On Saturday night they could tell something wasn’t “right” with her. She seemed weak and just not herself. They rushed her to the emergency vet, but she went into cardiac arrest as Leslie was holding her. The doctor performed CPR but couldn’t bring her back to them. Leslie is glad that she went in her arms with them telling her how much they love her. Leslie strongly believes that because of her previous living conditions, they gave her two, happy years that she likely would have never gotten and that gives her comfort.

In memory of our sweet girl Chloe who died very unexpectedly of cancer. We adopted her 13 years ago from the Atlanta Humane Society. She and her brother were found on the street. Chloe was so timid and probably unadoptable, but my husband said- “she’s the one”. We were the only people she trusted. We miss her so much. Jan Harris

Riptide had a zest for life and lived it to the fullest. His exuberance was contagious even though he had to be medicated three times a day for severe seizures. The medication would make him drowsy but it never slowed him down. He was the happiest dog I’d ever known. He taught me a lot about living and enjoying each moment of the day regardless of the circumstances. I will be with you again someday my beloved Riptide. xxxooo your mom.

Winson (aka Hermie) crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Oct 11, 2014. We are saddened by the loss but so grateful for the Wilson family for giving him a wonderful home to live out the time he had left and for Robin who did not turn her back when she found him wandering the streets and Bonnie who put him in her car to drive him to the vet on a rainy day. He was in terrible shape the day he was found but spent his last year loved and cared for with a wonderful family who opened their home and hearts to him.

Clementine was such a sweet and gentle soul. She was more than likely dumped from a nearby hotel. She found her way to one of our feeding stations until we found her dead one morning. We will never know what happened to her but she was loved by many and will never be forgotten. We had hopes to get her off the streets one day but time was not on our side.

Lazarus was hit by a car in front of a friend of Street Paws. One of our volunteers tried hard to save him but his injuries were just too extensive.

Luna was found by a concerned citizen. Her body was full of worms and her small body became septic. We tried to save her but it just was not enough.

Flaggy’s was a street kitty. Her life was cut short after being hit by a car on a very busy road. She was a sweet girl.

This is the Siamese Boy. He was starting to trust me and let me pet him while eating. I found him hit by a car in the middle of Mt. Zion Rd. A beautiful kitty gone too soon.

Sparkle 11-29-13

Ginger- In loving memory ~ Natalie Hicks



Shiloh aka Jethro 12-14-13