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Recommended Websites

Feral Cat Resources

Alley Cat Allies

Game Changers for TNR from Animal Sheltering Magazine

Trap Neuter Return

Jazzy Paw, Inc. Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic

Feral Dog Resources

Fearful Dogs Project

The Devoted Barn

Taming the Wild Beast

Best Friends feral and shy dogs- how to help them

Feral Dog Rescue Network

Global Wildlife Resources- Feral Dog Blog

The secret lives of feral dogs

Terre Haute Humane- Feral and Fearful Dogs

eileenanddogs- Socializing a Formerly Feral Dog

Terrificpets- Rescuing and Training Feral Dogs

Cesar Milan- Taming a Wild Dog

The Man Who Talks to Dogs-Randy Grimm

Other Info

Don’t Dump the Dog

North Shore Animal League

Urine Removal

Second Life

Dog Proofing Your Home

Pet Guardian Angels of America PGAA is a pet site providing free information to help people find the pet that matches their lifestyle and then helps to properly care for the pet; physically and emotionally. We provide free assistance in pet rescue and adoption.

What to do when you find a stray

Re-homing Your Pet

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Feral Cat Shelters: