Puppy Wranglers Wanted!

Interested in being a Puppy Wrangler?

We would like to be in a pro-active mode and recruit Puppy Wranglers that can be ready to foster a litter when the need arises.

Requirements needed to be a certified Puppy Wrangler:

  • must be able to provide mounds and mounds of unconditional love to “unruly puppies” at any hour of the day.
  • must be able to provide guidance and structure to said “unruly puppies” so they will grow up to be productive canine good citizens.
  • must have patience of a saint to calmly handle late nights and very early mornings when said “unruly puppies” decide to create impressive works of art with brown “paint”
  • must be able to provide extra support, if needed, to any puppy who may be lagging behind the rest.
  • must be willing to take in at least two or more puppies for fostering since puppies do best when they have a litter mate to thrive and get into trouble with.

You will be provided with all the necessary supplies to safely and properly raise these puppies. You will also be able to enjoy the coveted puppy breath and will receive tons of unconditional love in return!

It’s a WIN WIN situation! Please email us at streetpaws@ymail.com if you are interested.