Nancy McRae

Nancy McRae

Right up front, let me just say, my passion for rescue is not nearly as lengthy as Kristi’s. I stumbled across the world of rescue a few years ago thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook.  The more I saw people sharing dogs in need, the more groups I started to follow.  One day, a well known bomb sniffing dog by the name of Gabe shared a picture of an emaciated pit bull. This dog was given the fitting name of Hope.  I was extremely shocked by her appearance and felt incredibly sad that someone could allow an animal to degrade to that type of condition. So, I watched her picture closely to see if she would be rescued.  Sure enough, a wonderful lady stepped up and offered to take Hope into her rescue.  I started to follow this group to be able to watch Hope’s progress.  This is where my life in rescue began.

A couple weeks after Hope was rescued, another dog was taken in by this same group.  The dog’s name was Phoebe Love and she was ready to burst with puppies.  After many painstaking days, Phoebe finally gave birth.  It was streamed live, online for anyone to see.  Because it was in the middle of the night, I missed the awesome opportunity.  In the days to follow, I was able to see the beautiful puppies and their momma interact through the same wonderful technology.  During this time, the rescue was putting a plea out for foster homes to help them with some of their other puppies who were older and no longer required the constant attention that the new family needed.  I applied.
I didn’t wind up with puppies, but I did wind up with a certain Phoebe Love after she developed mastitis after three weeks of nursing and had to be taken from her babies.  Needless to say, she was my first foster failure.  I fostered a couple other dogs and then my Annie girl came along.  I was allowed to pick her out at animal control myself to be my next “foster”.  You know how that story ends.  Four months later, a handsome boy entered my life from the street in my neighborhood who stole my heart.  He is a pit bull we named Rockie (affectionately known as Boo Bear).  With a house full of dogs and no more room to foster, I needed a different outlet I could offer my support with.
Enter Street Paws.  After seeing a plea by Henry County Animal Control regarding assistance needed to help with a TNR program in our county, I stepped up and offered my help.  It was with a rescue group called Street Paws.
Currently, I TNR cats.  I help Kristi with donation thank yous.  I offer my assistance catching loose dogs when I can.  I help Kristi with the Facebook page and update Petfinder and Adopt-a-pet from time to time.

Most importantly, I love working with Kristi, Jennifer and the group of people Kristi has managed to assemble as her volunteers.  They are kind, understanding and flexible.  They are giving, patient and sweet.  I’ve never met an easier group of individuals to work with.  It’s a lot of fun to hang out with them!  I consider it a privilege to be included in this group of wonderful people I now call my friends.

Just a little background to offer.  I have been a medical technologist for Quest Diagnostics for 18 years where I work full time.  I have a wonderfully supportive (and patient) husband and a son who is 12.  We have lived in the Stockbridge area for 20 years.  We hale from the state of Michigan and I am a University of Michigan alumni.  Go Wolverines!  We have four dogs. Gracie is a dalmatian mix who was simply a Petsmart parking lot “free” puppy, she is the only one not mentioned above.  We also care for four feral cats who live on our front porch and in our garage.  Our house is full of unconditional love!


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